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REGISTRATION for Fall 2024/Spring 2025 is OPEN

Rgistration link for each program is found below - please make sure you select the correct program.

For Travel please register only for the travel team which you have been invited to play on during the try out process. 

Travel Registrar - Erica Cronin

Intramural/LDT Registrar - Anna Trocino 


2024/2025 Travel Team Registration

Click here to register for a travel team

Register ONLY is you have received an invitation from the coach to do so

2024/2025 INTRAMURAL/LDT Registration

Click here to register for INTRAMURAL/LDT/KICKEROOS

2024/25 TOPS Soccer Registration - Special Stars team

Click here to register

INTERESTED in Volunteering as Coach???

Please click here to register as a Coach

INTERESTED in becoming a LaGrange Soccer Sponsor??

Please click here for Sponsor Information