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Fall 2019 is SAME as Spring 2018
Lagrange soccer club

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Registration for all programs at LaGrange Soccer can be done in one place

Travel, Intertown(Limited Distance Travel), Intramural or Special Needs can all

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Fall 2019/Spring 2020 Registration

 Registration for the  Fall 2019/Spring 2020 season is OPEN  -

Intramural/Limited Distance Travel  is OPEN

Travel Program is OPEN

Special Needs Program is OPEN

U8 Travel Development Program is OPEN

Travel, Inter-town (Limited Distance Travel), Intramural or Special Needs can all be done using our online registration system.  Please make sure you select the correct program when registering.
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LaGrange soccer would like to say THANK YOU to the following retiring board members for their generous contribution of their time, enthusiasm and expertise to our program. 

 AnnMarie Kapfhammer

Bill Turner

Christine Turner

Frank Cancro

Jason Gauquie

Click Here to Volunteer for Concession Stand Duty

Our club is community based and powered by its volunteers - we ask that families commit 3 hours to our concession stands - you can select the time that best works for you. Just click here to sign up and THANK YOU!

LaGrange Soccer Club

This club is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing area youth and adults with a positive environment in which they can learn the skills, camaraderie, and sportsmanship of soccer. The principal operation of the club shall be in the Town of LaGrange and extend into areas outside the town during the course of competition.

To accomplish the above objective, the LaGrange Soccer Club will provide a supervised program of instruction and competitive soccer games. The program shall focus on developing skills of the game and sportsmanship. The Club shall make every effort to provide equal benefits to all registered members. The Executive Board, Age Group Coordinators, Coaches and Committee members shall maintain first and foremost, that development of youth as future members of our community is of prime importance.

The club is guided by the laws of the USYSA and its local governing body, the Eastern New York State Youth Soccer Association. The LaGrange Soccer Club is a member of the East Hudson Youth Soccer League and shall abide by its rules, unless the Executive Board votes otherwise. The LaGrange Soccer Club is also a member of the US Club Soccer Organization and shall abide by its rules unless the Executive Board votes otherwise.

Lisa Murphy - President Contact Info

LaGrange Soccer Club