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Coaching Education

Upcoming Coaching Education Class - Sunday 2/23/20

Click Here to Register for Grassroots 4v4 Coaching Course on 2/23/20

This Grassroots 4v4 license will be conducted in the 1-2-1 format and will run from 3pm-7pm at Golds Gym The NET. The first hour will be classroom based and will introduce the six tasks of a coach and the Play Practice Play teaching method. From 4-6pm the course will move to the field at The NEt and examine the PPP model in detail before returning to the classroom for the final hour.

CPR Training - Saturday 2/29/20

CPR training will be held at the LaGrange Town Hall from 9-noon on Saturday 2/29/20.  Please register using the link below if you plan on attending - there is no cost to register but there is a limit to the number of coaches who can attend.  LaGrange Soccer Club pays the fee for the CPR training.  


Coaching for the First Time?

Click here for a guide from US Youth Soccer

Coaching Education

Our club philosophy believes that education is very important to the strength and success of our program and we support our coaches in their efforts. Every year we offer the opportunity for coaches to receive CPR/AED training.   In addition, we require all new coaches to take part in coaching training within 18 months of signing up to coach.  LaGrange Soccer will reimburse for 100% of the initial coaching training.  Any additional training will be reimbursed 50% upon successful completion of a coaching training course.

Coaches Meeting Agendas

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